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I don't oppose change - I am after all sending you an e-mail and I use a
computer all the time. I am a Luddite *) when it comes to the rights of
creators. I do not believe that simply because a picture is on the web
or in a book or published somewhere, the right to that picture or to
words or drawings are free for anyone to use, which is what a lot of the
web-lovers want. When the www first emerged, it came with promises that
everything would be free and all knowledge and intellectual property
would belong to everyone. Nobody thought about the creativity of the
writer or the artist or the cost of creativity. Nobody understood that
photographers live off secondary rights. It would all be free and
photographers could go out into the world and shoot lots of pictures at
their own expense of course, put them on their web sites and everyone
could do what they wanted with them for nothing. The damage was done
early and there are still a lot of people out there who believe that if
it's there, it's free. That's why I'm a Luddite.

(my friend Sal Shuel, Collections Picture Library, London)

*) Luddite: a member of a band of English artisans (skilled workers) 1811-1816 who
raised riots for the destruction of the machinery which was replacing
them and putting them out of work. Nowadays, a Luddite is a person who is similarly
engaged in seeking to obstruct progress but the word is also used to describe a person who
does not like modern progress. Reactionary means the same - a person
tending to oppose change or seeking to return to a former system

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