Karaite Kenessa (synagogue) in Trakai
Zbigniew Kosc
The Karaites are a branch of Judaism that does not recognize the divinity of the Oral law in the Talmud. They consider the entire Talmud the work of Rabbinical scholars, and not of divine origin. They in general strongly prefer to rely on the Jewish Bible for religious matters. The theological trouble with the above explanation is that beginning the 18th century, the Karaites of Europe started separating from other Jews, claiming that they are a separate religion.
Karaite kenessa (synagogue) as seen from the cemetery hill
In Trokai the kenesa service is in the national language, Karaim, instead of the traditional holy tongue, Hebrew.

Kenessa (synagogue)


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Castel and Lake Galve

Trakai village

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