The pyramid of Meidum
photography by Zbigniew Kosc
Zbigniew Kosc, The pyramid of Meidum, 1998

According to an Arabic manuscript dating from the first half of the tenth century, the pyramids were built by the legendary King Surid. When his astrologers warned of an imminent universal deluge, he had the pyramids constructed in order to preserve the sum total of knowledge and art from destruction. They were to shelter treatises on arithmetic, geometry, astrology, and medicine, as well as a number of scientific instruments.

The pyramids

The Pyramids of Giza
The Cheops pyramid of Giza
The Sphinx of Giza


The Step Pyramid of Zoser
The Pyramid of Userkhaf
The Pyramid of Pepy I
The Mastaba el-Fara'un

The Bent Pyramid
The Red Pyramid
The Black Pyramid
The Satelite Pyramid

The Pyramid of Amenemhat I

Abu Sir
The Pyramids of Abu Sir

The Pyramid of Meidum

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