Wladyslaw Pawelec Monika 1974
inkjet, 40 cm x 20 cm

Wladyslaw Pawelec (1923-2004) was a pionieer of erotic photography in Poland. He was specialised in portraits and femal nudes. His exhibitions as the for example notorious 'Monika' (1974) and his calendar of erotic photographs (1983) had wide social repercusions and brought about significant changes in attitudes toward nude photography in Poland. One-man show exhibitions followed at the Canon Photo Gallery Amsterdam (1984), Focus Gallery Cologne (1995) as well as monographs of his work in Germany, UK, USA and Japan.

The phoptographs dispalyed on our exhibition come from the privat collection to his living doughter Dorota Pawelec-Winiecki.
All photographs are for sale


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